Saturday, 16 July 2011

My face on a plane... Now I'm really flying

I have to admit I really do dislike the usual boring and often suspicious looking adverts that appear on facebook these days. They're usually quite accurate in terms of your interests but are rarely legitimate looking. A few weeks back one of these adverts grabbed my attention. I can't remember the exact text but it was a KLM advert with something like "Inspire us..." I was intrigued so I went against my usual beliefs and clicked on it.

It turns out that it was a competition. The idea was that you took a photograph of yourself from facebook and made a 'delft' style tile. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, Delft pottery is blue and white pottery which originated in Delft, Southern Holland. You can't go to Holland without seeing countless delft clogs and windmills being sold in the tourism shops.

I thought to myself why not. So I chose a photograph of myself and inserted it onto this template. The "Inspire Us" part of the competition was covered by the motivational message you had to include on your tile before submitting to the competition. I chose a fairly generic and cheesy phrase, but it did the trick.

I received an e-mail last week notifying me that I was one of the winners (4000 of them to be precise) and that the prize was my tile being used on the fuselage of a Boeing 777. My face on the side of an aeroplane, an aeroplane that will be travelling around the world. It's not a 42" inch 3D television and it certainly isn't £166 million pounds but I still think that its quite cool.

They included a video in the e-mail. Its a video of my tile being stuck onto the aircraft

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Hannah Spanner said...

We need to find out where it goes and take a trip. How many people can say I've flown on a plane that had my face on the side!