Friday, 5 June 2009

Lesson - 04/06/09

Thursday saw my first flight since early January and what is the beginning of my new period of consistent flying thanks to my new job at the airport. The weather was looking crap all day with a cloud base barely getting over 700ft, until around 1630 where miraculously it was clearing up and by the time I got into the aircraft, it was even sunglasses weather. Just goes to show how far a bit of positive thinking goes.
Took off 07, left hand turn and out of the zone to the east of Morpeth, so far so good. Then came the revision. Turns, climbs, descents, practise approaches, stalls and even good ol' straight and level. Handled the lesson well (according to my instructor anyway) and headed for Newcastle again. Entered the zone to the west of Bolam Lake (A naff VRP!) and flew left base for 07. Weather was still being kind to me, so I took full advantage and produced a landing I would have never expected to achieve after 4 months of no flying. I taxied back to the flying school with a smug grin on my face and that was the end of it, for a week or so anyway!

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